Working documents for power supply systems, fire extinguishing and low-voltage systems for terminal «Domodedovo-2» are finished

The company «GEOLINE Technology» reported that the design of electrical systems, fire suppression systems and low-voltage systems for the second passenger terminal «Domodedovo» are finished.

T-2 «Domodedovo» will serve international flights and will join the existing building of the airport complex. The terminal is in an active stage of construction, its total area is 232.4 thousand square meters. Commissioning of the object is scheduled for 2018.

The design and construction of the terminal involved contractors from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tomsk. The company «GEOLINE Technologies» performed the design of the following systems: fire-extinguishing (automatic fire fighting, pump station, fire water, etc.), power supply (transformer substations, cable lines 10 kV, outdoor lighting, and others.) and low-voltage systems (access control, security alarm signaling, dispatching communication, telecommunication and others.).

The project required active cooperation of all participants in the design and construction. From the earliest stages for the coordination of contractors used BIM-design technology (Building Information Modeling). This approach, also known as information modeling, involves gathering and processing of all the complex architectural design, technological, economic and other information about the object.

The airport «Domodedovo» is known as the largest airport in Russia, with 46% of passenger traffic from the total in Moscow. Flights are carried out by 82 airlines in 247 destinations. Only in the last year, the airport services were used by 30.5 million passengers, which is closer to the maximum permissible load. For this reason, it became necessary to open additional terminals.

Also it should be mentioned that Moscow airport «Domodedovo» is among the participants of the «Programme of preparations of the Russian Federation to the FIFA World Cup 2018» and Federal Target Program «Development of Transport System of Russia (2010-2020)».