The company «GEOLINE Technologies» completed the design work for the airport complex in Rostov-on-Don

The company «GEOLINE Technologies» announces about the completion of the development of working documentation for the automatic fire alarm systems and the audio information and fire alarm for the airport «South.» Construction of the airport should be fully completed in 2017.

Special requirements apply to the design of engineering systems, which are responsible for the safety of passengers at the facilities of air-transport infrastructure. Customer of works, general designer of the project «South» in the sphere of engineering systems TSN Group, appreciated the experience of «GEOLINE Technology» in this area.

Previously, «GEOLINE Technology» has performed similar work for the second terminal «Domodedovo» with the total area of 235 000 square meters and terminal «Kurumoch» in Samara, which was commissioned in 2015. Total area of all the objects of airport «South» is 50 600 square meters. The project was implemented in less than three months.

Currently operating airport Rostov-on-Don is ranked ninth in the country by capacity of passenger traffic. Located in the heart of the city, the airport is limited in the expansion and development of terminal infrastructure. It is planned that the new international airport «South» will completely replace the existing air transport node in Rostov-on-Don.

The complex is built in Aksai district of Rostov region, near the federal highway M-4. Throughput of passenger terminal will exceed 5 million passengers a year. A length of the runway, which will be 3,600 meters, will allow to accept all types of modern aircraft.

Project «South» is a part of the Federal program of preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the Federal Target Program «Development of Transport System of Russia (2010-2020)». Construction of a modern airport complex should increase the mobility of the local population and have a positive impact on the regional economy.