• Comprehensive audit of corporate information and engineering systems
  • Consulting in introducing project and process management methods
  • Consulting in corporate IT strategies development
  • Consulting in introducing and integrating corporate business proposals (ERP, ECM etc.)
  • Master plan development for comprehensive modernization of Fuel and Power Complex technological infrastructure
  • Strategy detalization to the level of individual projects
  • IT expenses optimization
  • Consulting in informational safety etc.

Production automation

Major MES functions:

  • Resources state and distribution control
  • Operative/detailed planning
  • Functions of efficient dispatch control of technological processes
  • Document management
  • Data collection and storage
  • Human resources management
  • Product quality control
  • Production process management
  • Production facilities management (maintenance)
  • Product history tracking
  • Productivity analysis
  • Development of an integrated AMS (Automated Management Systems) creation and modernization concept
  • Creation of industrial plant management systems (autonomous, included into production lines)
  • Technological process visualization, automated workplace creation
  • Creation of comprehensive work automation systems at all levels
  • Maintenance service of automation systems and equipment
  • ATPMS service personnel preparation
EAM includes the following components:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Material and technical supply
  • Stock reserve management
  • Finance management
  • Human resources management
  • Document management

Engineering infrastructure

  • Enterprise life support systems
  • Technical safety systems
  • Engineering DPC systems
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Energy and electricity supply systems, lighting
  • Automated engineering network management systems of enterprises

Energy audit and energy efficiency

  • Document audit
  • Drawing up fuel and energy balance of an enterprise
  • Analysis of energy and energy sources utilization efficiency
  • Development of recommendations for efficient energy sources utilization
  • Technical and economic validation of proposed recommendations
  • Report preparation and submission of materials to an enterprise
  • Development of energy saving program and energy performance certificate of an enterprise

  • Data-processing centers including networking and computing infrastructures
  • Local and geographically-distributed corporate data transmission networks
  • Wireless phone connection systems
  • Solutions for infrastructure virtualization, access and applications
  • Systems based on technologies of universal access to apps and databases
  • Corporate infrastructure monitoring and management systems
  • Mobile and FMC solutions
  • IP and VoIP systems, video conference, apps visualization etc.

Information security


  • Creation of a multi-level, flexible and scale-adjustable information security system of all IT infrastructure elements and customer’s services
  • Principles, methods and technical implementation mechanisms unification for ensuring Information Security at all hierarchy levels of the proposed solution
  • Consistency of the offered solution in respect to the existing information security system and customer’s IT service development strategy
  • Information Security service integration into the existing business processes and customer’s IT infrastructure

Within the framework of creating a single customer’s information security line, solutions and services of Geoline company have been grouped as follows:

  • Organizing Information Security
  • Ensuring compliance of Information Security system with regulators’ requirements
  • Building Information Security infrastructure
  • Introducing information protection tools

Environmental safety

Automated gas and air environment parameters control system is meant to perform the following functions:

  • Control and analyses of СО/NОх/SO2/CH4 content in the air environment (environmental monitoring)
  • Determining zones with elevated concentrations of harmful substances and forecasting their change.
  • Informing personnel about elevated СО and NО2 concentrations
  • Immediate data collection from remote appliances of data input/output, storage and processing, algorithm adjustment and information transfer to ATPMS system.

Geoline service center carries out centralized inquiry processing, provides technical support regarding any current maintenance issues round the clock 24*7*365, as well as offers full service support including the following services:

  • Warranty/after-warranty comprehensive maintenance service
  • Informational support
  • Consultations
  • Program product technical support
  • Information and telecommunication systems maintenance outsourcing
  • Outstaffing
  • Technical training including authorized training and skills improvement courses for customer’s specialists etc.


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